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Good chiropractors are hard to come by. It is always a challenge to select the best chiropractor. Some guidelines you can use when choosing a chiropractor:
  • A good chiropractor will get you better as soon as possible
  • A good chiropractor will use x-rays only when necessary
  • A good chiropractor will teach you how to avoid and prevent future problems
  • A good chiropractor will provide sensible advice on nutrition involving a healthy diet and supplements
  • A good chiropractor will not pressure you into a treatment or payment decision

With easy to schedule appointments and individualized treatment plans, you can count on the Kirolounge team for finding the right solution for your individual health needs. You can depend on us to find a cost-effective, natural and non-invasive solution that will help you become healthier. We can help you heal the body naturally and stop pain in its tracks. Our team is skilled and experienced in pain management

We offer effective treatment solutions that don’t involve drugs, medicine, or surgery. Instead, Kirolounge strives to provide extraordinary health benefits for every patient through chiropractic care. Kirolounge is the only chiropractic care clinic that makes it affordable to get adjusted throughout your entire life. 

How does our chiropractic services stand out? It is effective without being invasive or requiring pain medications. Instead, our all-natural approach will help you regain control of your life so you can enjoy physical activities without suffering in pain. We can effectively treat arthritis, joint and muscle problems, fibromyalgia, migraines and a variety of conditions that impact your overall wellness. 

When you are ready for a change so you can experience improved health and enjoy life, you need to take action and seek chiropractic care. Call 9093 3072 to schedule a consultation now! Let our chiropractic specialist help you get your health back on track so you can be productive.
Dr Aymun was born in Pakistan, raised in New Zealand, and now calls Singapore home. She graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic with a degree of Bachelor of Chiropractic. She always wanted to work in the health industry and help people be the best version of themselves. After finishing high school, she discovered Chiropractic through a friend and has never looked back. The holistic message of Chiropractic resonated with her philosophy of health - that a properly balanced and optimum functioning nervous system, free from interference enabled us all to function at our full potential and be as healthy as possible. Dr. Aymun sees babies, children, and adults reach their optimum health potential through gentle, natural chiropractic care.
good chiropractor dr aymun
good chiropractor dr limin
Dr Limin is a Singaporean, born and bred here and call this place home. She pursued studies in chiropractic after going to a chiropractor when she was 17 years old. Growing up, chiropractic helped her to deal with a lot of the physical, chemical, and mental stresses present – including helping her with digestion and pain issues. She was hugely attracted to the holistic message of chiropractic – a non-invasive, drug-free approach to healing that aims to support the body so that it can heal at its optimum potential. Since that time, she has seen the transformation that natural healing can bring to so many people, including herself, her family, and her patients. She aims to educate and adjust as many people as possible, making the world a better place.
It is important to select with care a good chiropractor for treatment. For a positive experience, you must feel comfortable with the chiropractor and the clinic. Learn more about the chiropractor, the clinic and techniques used by attending our free chiropractic seminar. Limited spots available – register online to secure a spot with our good chiropractor!

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