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Sports chiropractic is a growing field of chiropratic care that typically focuses on the professional athletes. The fact is anyone who plays sports can benefit from chiropractic care.

At Kirolounge, we provide chiropractic services that will make a positive impact on your overall health and wellness. With strong knowledge of sports and sports-related injuries, our chiropractic specialists are qualified to treat and diagnose without the use of drugs or surgeries. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we incorporate multiple chiropractic techniques, including spinal adjustment, dietary supplements, exercise regimen and nutritional counseling to treat our patients. 

Chiropractic care has extensive benefits for sportsmen and sportswomen. Spinal adjustments have become an important part of many sports medical teams. In Singapore, Olympics champion Joseph Schooling is known to receive chiropractic treatment to achieve peak performance. Our sports chiropractors are trained in using spinal manipulations to align the spine and traction tables to relieve the pressure in the spine. We will help relieve your aches and pains as well as help you to stay fit and healthy. This way, you can continue playing the sport that you love.

We are the only chiropractic care clinic that makes getting adjusted throughout one's life affordable and accessible. This being so, athletes will be able to enjoy the long-term benefits of chiropractic care. We promise that we will work with you toward achieving your fitness goals. If you are serious about maximizing your athletic abilities or overcoming your exercise pains, get your body adjusted today! Our consultations fill up fast, so call 9093 3072 and schedule a sports chiropractic consultation.


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