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Looking for an effective tingling treatment so your life can return to normalcy? At Kirolounge, we offer quality chiropractic care that will help you overcome the symptoms so you can get your life back on track and become the active individual you once were. Tingling can impact your daily activities and keep you away from important events. Over time, it can impact your ability to work or to go to school. Your family and social lives may suffer. It can even impact your ability to perform regular daily tasks, such as cooking and household chores, resulting in decreased mobility. Seek a chiropractic specialist to reduce the stress and physical damage that is causing the tingling. It is important to seek medical care promptly to prevent further degeneration.
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What causes tingling? There are many possible causes of tingling. In most cases, the tingling feeling can be caused by a sitting or sleeping position. However, it can also be a sign of nerve damage or peripheral neuropathy. You can suffer this condition as a result of diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Sometimes, an injury such as a herniated disk or carpal tunnel syndrome can put pressure on your nerves, producing tingling. Tingling is an uncomfortable form of pain that can occur in one specific area, such as the hand or arm, or it can move around from one leg to another, into the arms and hands, and even the feet. Tingling can basically occur in any body part. 

Using adjustments and manipulations of the spine, we can help your body get back on track and make sure everything is up to par. This can impact the severity of tingling you suffer, and can even get rid of it all together. Our chiropractic treatment doesn’t involve medicine, drugs, or invasive approaches such as surgery. Instead, we help the body heal itself and restore your health. We will address your overall wellness. 

Because we make quality chiropractic affordable and accessible, our consultations fill up daily. Now is the time to call us at 9093 3072 to schedule a consultation for tingling treatment. 
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