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If you are suffering from ankle pain, there is an effective treatment for ankle pain when walking. Ankle pain can be caused by something as simple as an injury like a fracture, sprain or strain. However, it can be caused by a more chronic condition, such as disorders of the joints, arteriopathies, and disorders of the muscles, ligaments, or other fascia. Regardless of the cause, ankle pain while you are walking can be debilitating.

Chiropractic care can effectively address ankle pain using a drug-free and non-invasive approach. Even athletes can benefit from our safe and healthy approaches. Our chiropractor will start by assessing your ankle and
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determining the cause of the pain. Of course, rest, ice, compression and elevation are used but whirlpool baths and adjustments to the ankle and foot may be added to ease the pain. 

At Kirolounge, we strive to provide extraordinary care to our patients through chiropractic without using drugs, medicine, or surgical approaches. We also know that adjustments are needed throughout your life to help you stay in tip-top shape and feel your best. We are the only chiropractic care clinic in Singapore that makes getting adjusted throughout one's life affordable. 

When you choose chiropractic care to address your aches and pains, you are working toward improving your overall health and wellness. We will work to make sure your spine is adjusted properly so your body is in tune and ready to take on the challenges that you may face in daily life. We provide personalized pain management care that is designed to address your individual needs and your particular situation.

Because chiropractic care is so effective and offers first-rate results without you having to face those risky, invasive approaches, our daily consultations do fill up quickly. You should call 9093 3072 now to book your consultation for chiropractic treatment of your ankle pain when walking. 
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